Winter Olympics Private Jet Charters
Winter Olympics Private Jet Charters

The Uber Rich and Famous Elect to Travel to the Winter Olympics in Style via Private Jet Charters Airplanes, Flydar News Leave a Comment

Several of the world’s richest and the sport’s industries most powerful people will arrive to the Winter Olympics in a style and luxuriousness befitting their bank accounts. These real VIPs will be conveyed into PyeongChang via private jet charters.

According to reports, South Korea is expecting roughly 1,000 private aircraft to start to descend upon the region in time for the Winter Olympics. Celebrities and team owners alike will be paying a cool $45,000 to have access to private jets next week. All in the hopes of getting to these Olympic Games in a fashion generally afforded to the uber rich.

Private jet operators are anticipating windfalls in the millions by providing luxury transport to these individuals. Operators have even established exclusive opportunities for travelers to partake in lavish Winter Olympics themed parties.

Typically, private charters run a couple thousand dollars per hour, but for the Winter Olympics, passengers can expect to pay thousands more. Extras like catering fees, flight services, and taxes can see the price go from the forties to closer to seventy or eighty thousand dollars. These flights are not something the average tax return is going to cover. Round trip flights from outside the US have been quoted at over three hundred thousand dollars.

Not to say that these private charters aren’t worth their hefty generalized price tags and hourly rates. Any other time of year, it may behoove sports fans to get a group of friends together to travel to a sports event. It may run each of you between 200 and 500 dollars a person. This may sound considerable, but not when you wish to attend a game out of town. If you were to drive, not only would it take longer to arrive, but you’d be expected to pay for gas, food along the way, maintenance of your vehicle, parking etc.

Besides the expense of fuel and maintenance on a private jet, pilot costs, flight crews, food, and beverages plus additional fees contribute to the total cost. Additionally, the jets are opulently decorated. Some may even feature flat-screen televisions, have Wifi capability, plush seating, access to gaming consoles, private bedrooms, baths and suites in which to conduct business. Arrangements may be made as well for pet accommodation, onboard massage or salon, and spa treatments, and chef prepared meals.

The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea is certain to see even more privatized aircraft descended upon the tiny resort town. According to experts a great deal of the incoming private aircraft may be diverted to Yangyang International Airport which has an 8,000-foot long runway to accommodate a variety of size aircraft.

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