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Retired professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather recently celebrated his 41st birthday by gifting himself a luxury private jet. The multi-million dollar birthday present features a stunning combination of black leather and chrome interior and a number of flat-screen televisions. The boxer turned promoter showed off his lavish purchase used expressly for private jet air travel on his Instagram account recently.

In the past, “Money” Mayweather wasn’t shy about displaying his wealth via social media and numerous pics of his collection of over 100 cars and extravagant aircraft. The new addition to his collection of opulent private planes is one of three, with one christened with the moniker Air Mayweather 1. Another is a Gulfstream III that seats twelve comfortably and set him back a cool 12 million dollars.

During his tenure as a boxer, Mayweather’s record achieved an impressive 50 wins and zero losses and he was considered one of the highest paid athletes the world over. He has a number of investments in properties and businesses and as a promoter stand to become wealthier still. One can only assume that he will probably add to the number of luxury vehicles as time passes, and that may include more private jet aircraft.

Although the average “Joe” can’t necessarily afford to drop bookoo bucks, beaucoup, for those looking to use terminology more in line with a grandiosity of a private jet owning lifestyle, if “Joe” wishes to experience luxury private jet air travel, aircraft of this magnitude are available for lease.

When it comes down to it, air charter leasing or private jet air travel isn’t much more costly than commercial air travel. Truth be told, the upcharges private jet travelers experience may be well worth it for some. Not only will they have a chance to fly in luxury accommodation via the stunning interiors, private bathrooms, and roomy fuselages, they won’t have to contend with overcrowded planes, being bumped from flights for nonsensical reasons or be subject to noisy and rude fellow travelers.

Consider a private jet charter for the purpose of business travel. Especially if a number of people travel, then the cost may be discounted based upon a certain number. Travers can have plenty of room to stretch out their legs and relax while they fly or whip out their laptops and tend to business. Not only that but they won’t have to contend with checking baggage and waiting in security lines or negotiate busy terminals, they simply need to find their way to the hangar and hop on board.

This is similarly true of family or group travel for vacations and trips. The price of a single seat on a commercial jet is subject to fluctuations in market prices of fuel amongst others and availability, these things don’t always apply to private jets and if you collect a group of friends together, you can split the price and perhaps pay only slightly more than you would have to major airlines.

Leasing an entire private jet may prove to be more of a costly endeavor but dependent upon what type of experience you are looking for, may be worth it in the end. Travelers can lease luxury aircraft and if they possess the appropriate accreditation, like pilot’s licenses, can pilot the plane themselves or hire a pilot and crew. This makes for an exclusive experience that is more in keeping with the lifestyle of the rich and famous as they can make the addition of fellow travelers and amenities per their personal interests. These flights offer more privacy and discretion too.

If travelers wish to revel in a luxuriousness seldom achieved by the average individual and live like Floyd Mayweather than contact a local private charter service provider and plan your flight in style.

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