Private jet air travel

Private jet air travel: Bask in luxuriousness on an exclusive flight for business or pleasure

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Retired professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather recently celebrated his 41st birthday by gifting himself a luxury private jet . The multi-million dollar birthday present features a stunning combination of black leather and chrome interior and a number of flat-screen televisions. The …

Tony Lethbridge

Australian Father, Tony Lethbridge Trusts His Instincts, Hires Helicopter to Find Missing Son

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An Australian father following his gut instinct insisted on hiring a helicopter to search for his son and in doing so saved his life. A seventeen-year-old boy is lucky to be alive following being discovered when the chopper his father …

Winter Olympics Private Jet Charters
Winter Olympics Private Jet Charters

The Uber Rich and Famous Elect to Travel to the Winter Olympics in Style via Private Jet Charters

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Several of the world’s richest and the sport’s industries most powerful people will arrive to the Winter Olympics in a style and luxuriousness befitting their bank accounts. These real VIPs will be conveyed into PyeongChang via private jet charters. According …