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The sport pilot license is the principal certification for piloting enthusiasts as it is commonly thought of as less complicated to obtain than others. This does not diminish the feats in piloting and aviation that may be accomplished when or if you do elect to train to receive your SPL. Flight lessons to obtain your license will instruct you in piloting various light sport aircraft (LSA). Light sport aircraft refers to a category of lighter weight aircraft that are commonly used competitively, by hobbyists and commercially. These LSA’s include but are not limited to rotorcraft, small planes, gliders, powered parachutes and hot air balloons. Generally speaking the SPL certification necessitates between 10 to 20 hours of in-flight time. However, the precise flight hour constraints are based upon the type of aircraft you wish to fly. Some aircraft require less flying time than others because they are considered simpler to navigate. Our affiliate’s streamlined flight lessons coupled with expert flying instructors ensure that you’re on the right path to receiving your sport pilot license.

Pilot Requirements

To start, you will need to be at least 18 years of age, 16 to become a student pilot and 17-18 for a test pilot, which can then transition into simply completing a test specifically for sport pilots. That said, being 18 is preferred. You’ll also need to hold a valid U.S. driver’s license and provide medical proof of being eligible to fly. Aspiring pilots will also need to partake in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) SPL test, and then submit to a flight test, wherein you’ll be flying with an FAA pilot onboard. You’ll need to pass both tests successfully prior to being awarded the license. Our affiliates can serve to help make learning how to become a pilot effortless by employing certified instructors who will provide assistance every step of the way. They have aided dozens of pilots in earning their licenses. Their knowledge and experience throughout your flight lessons will ensure that you’re prepared for the FAA licensing test.

Sport pilots are permitted to fly an aircraft during the day and only below 10,000 feet. Most aircraft listed by the FAA do not go above 10,000 feet. Usually, these aircraft may carry one passenger. It’s important to note that the SPL is intended for recreational flying purposes predominantly, therefore, many people do not find the restrictions too cumbersome. Some of these aircraft include:

  • Gliders of all types
  • Hot air balloons
  • Single engine airplanes
  • Powered parachutes
  • Weight shift control aircraft, like Ultralight Trikes
  • Gyroplanes
Sport Pilot LicenseSport Pilot License

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Sport Pilot License - Private Airplane
Sport Pilot License - Hot air balloons
Sport Pilot License - Gliders
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