We can arrange training for you to obtain your Private Pilot License
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We can arrange training for you to obtain your Private Pilot License

Become a Solo Pilot & Travel the World!

When you earn a private pilot license, you’ll be privy to flight without the number of limitations of other certifications. You will enjoy the freedom to pilot friends, family, or associates anywhere for a variety of purposes so long as no remunerations change hands. Unlike the quintessential sport pilot license, you are not restricted to a 10,000 foot ceiling. You’ll also have the ability to pilot your aircraft at night and have the luxury of bringing passengers along for the flight. Contrary to what one may believe, the pilot lessons required to obtain a private pilot license are not quite as grueling as expected. Sure, you will have to commit to applying yourself to the course work and in flight restrictions and applications, but it won’t be as burdensome as anticipated. The expert instructors at the flight schools we can put you in league with will train you to fly proficiently and effectively and you’ll be in possession of a PPL before you know it.

Let us arrange for you to obtain your PPL

We work alongside a number of service providers in the pilot training industry. All of our affiliates have been thoroughly vetted to ensure the clients we refer to them will receive the most effective instruction and pilot lessons available. Beyond these elements, our agents are friendly and knowledgeable with respect to assisting you in selecting an ideal flight school at which to engage in pilot lessons to obtain your private pilot license amongst other certifications.

The service providers we broker relationships with for our clientele make it a point to employ certified flight instructors who strive to train future aviators sufficiently. Each provider has their own set of parameters, price points and facilitation’s that work in their favor to deliver excellence in service. This is true for our agents as well. If you are interested in allowing us to arrange your enrollment in pilot lessons to acquire a PPL or pilot instrument rating, contact an agent. They will inform you of particulars and relay imperative information about what you can expect from individual service providers.

How To Become A Pilot: Private Pilot License

What Are the Requirements?

  • To start, you need to be 17 years or older, ideally 18 years of age.
  • You’ll need to get a minimum of around 40 hours of flight training.
  • You should be fluent in reading, writing and speaking English.
  • In good physical and mental health.

The Process You’ll Experience

  • 3 or more hours of cross-country flying time usually to airports over 50 miles away.
  • 3 hours of flying, instrument training and instruction.
  • A 100 nautical mile round trip.
  • You’ll be given 3 hours of instruction within the 60 days leading up to your FAA test.
  • A 150 nautical mile trip (round trip), and 5 hours of cross country piloting an aircraft.
  • You’ll take off and land three times at an airfield with a control tower.

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Other Pilot Training Options with Flydar

Discovery Flights

Anyone 18 and above or in some instances those with parental consent, may sign up for Discovery Flight Lessons. Plus, if you’ve ever considered earning a Commercial license or thought about flying an aircraft, Discovery lessons can help give you an idea of if piloting is right for you.

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Commercial Pilot License

Whether your goal is to improve your career prospects from just being a private pilot to commercial pilot or you have always dreamed of flying as an airline pilot, this is one license you’ll need.

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Sport Pilot License

A Sport Pilot License provides an opportunity for you to pilot multiple Light Sport Aircraft (LSAs). An SPL in conjunction with various other ratings will not only make it possible for you to simply pilot these aircraft, you may be able to fly them competitively or for profit, to find out more about a Sport Pilot License, contact our agents.

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