Further your pilot certifications by obtaining an instrument rating certification.
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Further your pilot certifications by obtaining an instrument rating certification.

Instrument Rating: avoid grounded flights

Even if you have committed the time, effort, energy and monetary resources to earn your private pilot license, your aircraft may still be grounded when the weather is inclement or visibility is low. Inclement weather can indicate a variety of issues, like heavy rain, thunderstorms, fog, and hail. Pilots are aware that most aircraft are capable of evading dangerous weather situations due to the fact that they can fly above or around these natural disturbances. Despite this fact, there are instances when one cannot rely on the conventions of visual acuity and must navigate through situations that may prove dire using their instrument panel and make applicable visual flight rules. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) dictates that pilots lacking Instrument Rating certification will not be permitted to fly when these conditions arise. So in an effort to avoided grounded planes, and thereby frustrated pilots, professional flight schools have implemented IFR courses.We can arrange for affiliated flight schools to help pilots achieve this.

The Instrument Rating

When visibility is reduced, mostly because of inclement weather, pilots need to rely on their instruments. Many times, pilots will be flying blind to a degree with less than 20% visibility, in which case they need to accurately use their visual flight rules to navigate and even deal with problems during the flight. The Instrument Rating is important because all pilots flying in a Class A airspace (18,000 feet and up to 60,000 feet) may, at some point, need to make use of their instruments as opposed to literally seeing how and where to safely navigate. When visibility is impaired, pilots will need to know how to operate under SVFR or Special Visual Flight Rules. Therefore, professional pilots or an individuals who pilots their own aircraft, getting certified is imperative.

Instrument Rating

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What are the Requirements?

  • A valid Private Pilot License
  • 50+ hours of cross-country flight time to your credit.
  • 40 Hours of actual or simulated instrument time
  • Must be in good physical and mental health.
  • In most cases be above 18 years of age.
  • Ability to read, write, speak, and understand the English language

What is Covered in the Course?

  • Instrument scanning and checking the cockpit pre-flight
  • Using all basic altitude instruments.Turning, precision adjustments and stabilizing based on the instruments’ readings.
  • Navigating the aircraft using earth-based and satellite navigation systems.
  • Monitoring weather

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