Learn to Fly! Reserve your place in the cockpit. Dial 1-800-487-6817!


Learn to Fly! Reserve your place in the cockpit. Dial 1-800-487-6817!

Your unofficial first flight lesson: Discovery Flights!

Welcome to the world of aviation! Learn to fly, explore the skies over your favorite city or region and discover the joys that flying can bring. There is no better way to become acquainted with flying than by electing to go on a Discovery Flight. We can arrange via our affiliates for you to embark on your initial foray into the realm of piloting. Think of this opportunity as your first flying lesson. Not only will you receive valuable information during your preflight briefing and aircraft inspection, additionally, while in flight, the pilot may allow you a chance to pilot the aircraft! Amazing! This first flight could ultimately segue into you pursuing a career as a professional pilot and learning to fly like an expert!

Your first flying lesson

Learn to Fly
Learn to Fly in a Discovery Flight
These flights have been designed to demonstrate not only what makes learning to fly appealing but can afford you the chance to see stunning views of your local area. Get a glimpse of the countryside and spot landmarks from the comfort of an aircraft. You will be flying as the co-pilot alongside highly trained pilots. These pilots have been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and have hundreds of hours of flying experience. Your pilot will show you the basics of flying and may even allow you to assume control of the aircraft for a minute or more. Consider this your very first flight lesson and if you enjoy it, contact us to find out how this one can serve to benefit future piloting endeavors.

Have you always wanted to give flying a try, but have never had the courage to do it? Professional pilots will put your mind at ease. Feel free to ask your pilot any questions about flying. This is particularly helpful for people who are interested in pursuing a pilot’s license or their first flying lesson of any kind. Reflect on how much you loved learning to fly and share the experience with loved ones via our gift certificates toward the purchase of a first flight.

From First Flights to Pilot Licenses,

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Learn to fly and see the sights with an Introductory Flight!

If this is your first time inside a small airplane, a this first flight over your city or region is the perfect way to start! Let certified, highly experienced pilots take you on a whimsical aerial tour. This will be an experience that you will always remember! This experience might even spark inspiration for you to begin your first flight lessons and pilot courses to learn to fly.

Take a look at all of the amazing man-made and geographical landmarks and determine if flying is something you would like to pursue as a hobby or even a career. You will board the aircraft with an experienced pilot who will demonstrate the basics of flying for you. You may take this experience as a valuable opportunity to learn to fly. Your pilot may even allow you take over the controls for a few minutes! Imagine grasping the controls in the cockpit and serving as a real pilot, with the safety of an experienced pilot seated next to you. No other experience can compare to a Discovery Flight! Some service providers may even give you a signed certificate of flight to commemorate your time in the air.

Learn to Fly Solo

Learn to Fly

Take off on Your First Flight!

To begin, you will follow your pilot around the aircraft to complete the pre-flight inspection. This is a procedure that is performed before every flight to ensure that every part of the airplane is in good working condition. The pre-flight checklist will help guide you through the process for making sure everything is working well.

Your pilot will have this list memorized, as this is part of the training in order to learn to fly and become a certified pilot. You will be boarding the plane as a co-pilot, and your pilot will be in command of the aircraft as well as serve as an instructor on your first flight lesson. Be sure to take this first flight lesson as an opportunity to learn more about aviation! You can sit back and relax the entire time, if you wish. However, this is a chance to ask any questions about aviation of someone who has hundreds of hours of experience in flight.

Learn to fly firsthand

If you have ever considered becoming a pilot, whether for leisure or as a career, this is the best chance to learn to fly from a professional. The ride will last between 30 and 45 minutes. During this time, you will be able to see far beyond what you could possibly see from the ground. Your view will extend over the vast, changing landscape until the curve of the Earth no longer allows you to see. Many regions around the country host several different environments. You may see more than just a city landscape.

Coastal regions may have views of the ocean, the city, mountains, forests, deserts, and much more. Farmlands tend to amaze all passengers. The precise nature of the fields is almost hypnotizing. Balls of hay from freshly cut fields look like tiny cotton balls from way up in the air. No matter your location, you will not see a better view of it than on your first flight with our affiliates.

Learn to fly: the Basics!

Your pilot has gone through rigorous training and has been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). He or she will be more than happy to teach you a thing or two about the basics of flying. You may receive your first flight lesson in basic instruction covering straight and level flight, climbs, descents, turns, and maneuvers.

There are many aspects to learning to fly and piloting an aircraft. Your pilot will be covering the basics only in this short lesson. He or she may also briefly go over instrument readings. Instrument training is part of the Private Pilot License flight training program; however, the Instrument Rating is a separate entity. It is more advanced than the Private Pilot License, and allows more freedom when flying, such as flying at night and in low visibility weather conditions.

Your pilot will, most likely, cover information about reading the altimeter. The altimeter is a device that measures your altitude, which is how high you are flying in the air. Your pilot may even let you try flying the plane for a few minutes. This is to the discretion of the pilot and is typically decided based on the perceived maturity level of the student. Allow this opportunity to serve as your first flying lesson.

If your pilot allows you to take the controls, it will be for approximately 15 minutes of the flight. Your pilot will be responsible for descending and landing. After you have landed safely back at the airport, you may hold a brief, post-flight discussion with your pilot. This is your opportunity to talk with him or her about anything related to learning to fly.

Open the Doors to your first flying lessons

Many of our guests choose to learn to fly as a result of a successful flight. These flights are designed to be cost efficient, fast, and to give the passenger a taste of what it is like to fly an airplane. What other career allows you to try it out before you begin your training for it? Not many! Should you decide to enroll in your first flight lesson, this experience will have been recorded into your student logbook and will become part of your cumulative flight hours in the future.

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Anyone can reserve their first flight

Choosing to partake in a Discovery Flight is an incredible experience and a big step for people wanting to learn to fly. As with any new endeavor, there are many things to consider about flying before booking. While the benefits and privileges are great, there are some limitations and restrictions when booking a ride or enrolling for your first flight lesson.

There is no set age limit on who can participate in this flight. Anyone can partake in this fun learn to fly adventure in the sky. However, we recommend a minimum age of 15 years. This is only because of the instruction aspect of the ride. As previously mentioned, these flights have been designed to be informative. We recommend that the passenger be able to have an understanding of the instruction being provided. Please also note that anyone under the age of 18 may need to provide a signature from a parent or guardian. This to the discretion local service provider’s policies.

Learn to Fly

Learning to Fly: Details to Remember!

Staying on the topic of age, please also consider that the minimum age to be able to fly an airplane solo is set at 16. This has been regulated by the FAA and is enforced at all of our affiliated facilities across the United States. In order to receive a Private Pilot License, the student must be over 17 years of age. This is something to keep in mind when considering booking a Discovery Flight. As mentioned before, many of our first flight passengers want to pursue learning to fly as a hobby or a career after this flight. It is best to know the age requirements ahead of time.

You will be flying in an entry level, student appropriate aircraft. Your flight will be in a Cessna aircraft. These are wonderful learning airplanes for beginners and students. To know exactly which Cessna aircraft you will be taking your first flight in, please contact our customer service representatives. They will be able to tell you which aircraft are available at your selected location. Depending on the aircraft, there may be certain weight restrictions. Please ask your aviation specialist in our call center about restrictions on the aircraft. He or she will give you all the information you need to properly prepare for your first flight. Learning to fly can be a family adventure. Depending on the aircraft being used, you may be able to bring along a family member or friend. For more information about the available seating in your flight aircraft, contact our customer service service agents.

What about Bad Weather?

In the event of bad weather, your Discovery Flight may be rescheduled. Just like the airlines, our pilots cannot fly in poor weather conditions. Though most of our pilots have the proper ratings to fly in low visibility weather, there would be no point in partaking in a first flight in which one cannot see anything. We want you to be able to see everything around you. Also, the turbulence will not make a very good first impression!
While all of our affiliates will likely be using entry-level airplanes on your learning to fly endeavor, there are differences in the types of aircraft. Various locations have price points specific to type of experience, per time in flight or seat availability etc..The cost for your flight will be dependent upon the location you select.

Give Your Loved Ones a Chance to Learn to Fly with Gift Certificates!

We all know a person in our family or one of our friends who has always wanted to learn to fly an airplane, but never got the chance. Some people may just need to be pushed a tad bit to take that leap; this is where our ‘Gift Certificates’ come in! Our gift certificates can be purchased and given to friends and family members as their birthday or anniversary gift. Most people will be surprised and thankful for the chance to learn to fly and to take their first flight!

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