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Have you ever entertained the idea of flying a plane? If you have, contact us, our agents can arrange flight training for you. Initial instruction in a professional flight school is not as difficult as some will have you believe. Training on aviation instruments may come across as intimidating at first, but that’s why pilot lessons start you off with something slightly less complicated!

Our affiliates posses a wide array of aircraft ranging from single-engine models to larger cargo planes. However, when you’re learning it’s best to start your flight training with the fundamentals, and you can’t get more rudimentary than a single-engine plane. Beyond flight simulators, Cessna’s are the preferred aircraft most commence training on. Professional and experienced flight instructors will help you to achieve your goals of becoming a pilot. Start your journey toward pilot certification with confidence when you select Flydar to reserve your space in professional flight schools for you!

Learn To Fly With A Discovery Flight

Wondering how to become a pilot? Or where to start? The very first flight for most people who dream of becoming a certified pilot is a discovery flight lesson. A discovery flight will allow you to get your feet wet within the realm of flying. It will further help you to determine if your next step is flight school.The instructor will walk you through the ins and outs of piloting an aircraft and then you’ll take to the skies!/

Are you prepared to actually pilot the plane? The pilot may allow for you to take over the controls for a few minutes minutes during your discovery flight. The opportunity to pilot the aircraft is to the discretion of the pilot, however, it’s rare for the pilot to feel that students or passengers are “unfit” to give it a try. Once your discovery flight is complete, we can help you to arrange expert flight training with local flight schools.

Flight School

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Work Your Way Up to a Private Pilot’s License

The first step to earning your pilot’s license is to enroll in flight school, and then hone those skills to perfection. Affiliate’s instructors will ensure that you’re not just proficient at piloting the aircraft but can also perform various maneuvers. You’ll be instructed in how to handle the aircraft safely in emergent situations and you’ll have the opportunity to expand your aviation repertoire by earning additional ratings, such as receiving a helicopter license. Service provider’s training aircraft are well maintained, comfortable and safe. Our affiliates deliver much more than just basic flight training. You will also benefit from the chance to observe the beauty of the landscape from the sky and take photographs. Professional pilot lessons in conjunction with a chance to sightsee, sounds too good to be true! Contact Flydar to facilitate your enrollment in flight school today!

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Advanced Pilot Training Courses

Commercial Pilot License Courses - Flight School

Commercial Pilot License

Want to start a career as a commercial pilot; then you’ll need to earn a commercial license. You’ll need at least 250 hours of flight time at a reputable flying school such as Flydar to earn it!

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Sport Pilot License Courses - Flight School

Sport Pilot License

A Sport License enables you to fly an airplane, powered parachute, hot air balloon and glider. It takes an average of 20 hours of flying time depending on the type of aircraft to earn this license

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Private Pilot License Courses - Flight School

Private Pilot License

A Private Pilot License (PPL) will enable you to fly just about anyone, anywhere and can be the start of your career. You’ll need at least 40 hours of flight training and be above 18 years of age.

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Instrument Rating Certification - Flight School

Instrument Rating

As a pilot, you and your aircraft may be grounded at times due to inclement weather. The only way you’ll fly when the weather is not stable is if you have an Instrument Rating Certificate.

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