Servicing all of your helicopter needs in New Haven, Connecticut

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Servicing all of your helicopter needs in New Haven, Connecticut

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We are the # 1 provider of helicopter services in the New Haven area

Helicopter Charters in New Haven

With a team of professional pilots and a diverse fleet of helicopters available, we can meet any of your helicoptering needs. Whether you are looking to reserve a helicopter for business reasons or personal thrills, we have the solution. Our helicopter charters have been used for a variety of purposes including the aerial application of seeds, fertilizer, and pesticides, land and animal surveys, logging, and the lifting of heavy construction materials or other debris that cannot be easily accessed by land crane. Additionally, helicopter transport services are the ideal way to move VIPs from place to place discreetly and efficiently. Private helicopter tours can also be arranged to add pizzazz to your next special event. Make it truly memorable by offering guests an aerial tour of the Long Island Sound or the greater New Haven area.

Flydar Helicopters New Haven has charters for every situation

New Haven Helicopter Charters - Executive Helicopter Charters New Haven

Executive Helicopter Charters

We’ll get you where you need to be safely, quickly, and discreetly. Save time and avoid traffic gridlock by chartering one of our helicopters to transport you and your team to your final destination in comfort and style. Our charters are customized to meet your specific requirements.

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New Haven Helicopter Charters - Sightseeing Helicopter Tours in New Haven

Sightseeing Tours

Our pre-packaged helicopter tours are specially designed to show you the highlights and beauty of Connecticut. We’ll fly over all the major landmarks and can even customize our routes for you. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the area by helicopter, and our tours make great gifts.

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New Haven Helicopter Charters - Heavy Lift Helicopters in New Haven

Heavy Lifting Services

Our sky cranes take the challenge out of heavy lifting. Sometimes the only way to get an item moved from a hard-to-reach location is by helicopter. We have a variety of helicopters available to lift and carry loads, and a team of highly trained pilots to help make it happen.

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New Haven Helicopter Charters - Aerial Filming and Photography in New Haven

Aerial Filming and Photography

Whether it’s for a documentary, movie, advertisement, or commercial, our filming and photography service can capture the right shot. We operate at any time of day and can customize the route to your needs. Our crew will be at your service to ensure we get the footage or photography you need.

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New Haven Helicopter Charters - Land and Wildlife Surveys in New Haven

Land/Wildlife Surveys

The quickest and most efficient way to obtain wildlife population data is with an aerial helicopter survey. Companies, organizations and landowners use our services to calculate populations of deer, predators, or other wildlife, or to get an unobstructed view of the topography, vegetation, and lay of the land.

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New Haven Helicopter Charters - Agricultural Helicopter Charters in New Haven

Agricultural Charters

Our helicopter charters can be used for liquid or dry application of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Aerial application provides numerous benefits such as even dispersal, superior coverage and penetration. Any crop can benefit from our service without the risk of damage caused by land sprayers.

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The Best Helicopter Service in New Haven

Nobody in the New Haven area beats Flydar in terms of high quality service and availability. We offer a full range of flying options and have access to every kind of helicopter to meet your needs. From sightseeing tours to aerial agricultural sprays to land surveys or logging, we are here to serve you. All of our services are fully customizable, whether you need us for an hour or a day.

Home to Yale and so much more

Many people think of Yale University when they hear the name New Haven, and it’s true that the Ivy League university is one of the city’s main attractions. If you want to get the feel of an Ivy League college town, you will want to spend some time at the northern end of Chapel Street, one of the city’s main arteries. The street borders the campus and crosses through a historic district that is filled with a variety of charming shops and restaurants. The university brings more than just students and professors to the city. It is also home to several important museums such as the Yale University Art Gallery and the Peabody Museum of Natural History.

New Haven is one of the country’s oldest cities, and at its heart lies the New Haven Green, a National Historic Landmark founded by the Puritans back in 1638. The New Haven Green marks an excellent spot to view early American architecture as it is surrounded by historic churches and government buildings dating back to the early 19th century.

The Long Wharf Pier is another not-to-be-missed attraction in the coastal New England city. The pier frequently hosts historic schooner replicas such as the Amistad. The site of a historic uprising, the slave ship that has become a symbol of abolishing slavery in the US. If you’re planning to explore New England, a charter helicopter tour of New Haven would be a great way to take in the sites – the historic Yale campus, the leafy New Haven Green and the rugged coastline viewed from above will provide a unique perspective and create a lasting memory.

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Executive Helicopter Charters Provide Ultimate Comfort

New Haven Helicopter Charters - Executive Helicopter Charters in New Haven
Executive Helicopter Charters in New Haven

Sometimes referred to as “helicopter taxis,” Flydar’s private helicopter charters provide the ultimate means of transport for busy executives who are pressed for time, or for those who need to get to a hard-to-reach location.

Helicopter travel is perhaps the most efficient way of traveling, and it’s certainly hassle free. We’ll pick you up at a predetermined location at a preset time that is convenient for you and we’ll carry you away, up in the air in comfort and style. Think about it – you’ll be bypassing the madness of land-based travel: There are no traffic jams or malfunctioning traffic lights to slow you down. There are no winding roads or one way streets between you and your destination. You’ll avoid the hassles of airplane travel too. We can take you to tiny towns or wilderness areas – to places where there are no airports. No more flying to the nearest city, renting a car and driving for hours. Who has time for that? With a private helicopter charter, we’ll take you as the crow flies – in the most direct route – to your final destination. We can land at helipads, hotels, hospitals or at any space that’s large enough to accommodate our landing gear. Whether your destination is in a crowded city center or at a remote spot that’s inaccessible by car, we will get you there in comfort and style.

A variety of helicopters are available in various sizes to accommodate your luggage or golf clubs. Some of our helicopters even provide club seating, so if you’re reserving a helicopter transfer as part of a relaxing and luxurious vacation, you might want to splurge a bit. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a private helicopter charter will provide a special treat. If you are thinking of adding a helicopter transfer to your New England trip? You’ve come to the right place.

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Need Something Large Moved? Use a Helicopter!

New Haven Helicopter Charters - New Haven Heavy Lifting Helicopters
New Haven Heavy Lifting Helicopters

There are many situations in which a helicopter is needed to get the job done. Our fleet has been utilized on numerous projects that require heavy lifting, and in many of these situations, using a land crane would not be feasible. Examples include projects involving stringing or placing power lines, erecting or removing antennas and communication towers, moving forestry or fencing materials, laying pipelines, constructing ski-lifts, salvaging aircrafts or boats, working on power plants, and placement of erosion control materials.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. In any situation where the land is soft and swampy or where the terrain is steep and mountainous, or in areas that are environmentally protected, a traditional land-based crane will not suffice. The only way to get your heavy materials moved is with an aerial crane.

In addition to the helicopter, you’ll need someone to operate with competence. Flydar works with pilots who are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and have extensive air crane experience.

All heavy lift helicopterss are not the same. At Flydar we have the knowledge and expertise to make sure you have the right helicopter for your project, whether you are installing rooftop air conditioners atop a high rise in the city, salvaging a shipwreck far out at sea, removing wreckage from a remote location that’s inaccessible by road, or placing pipeline in a remote forested location.

Through our network of affiliated helicopter charter services, we operate a fleet of high-performing, twin-engine helicopters offering light, medium, and heavy lift capacities to ensure that you’ll have adequate carrying capacity, appropriate loading gears, and the ability to travel the distance required for your project.

Here are just a few examples of what’s available: The Kaman K-Max, which can carry a payload of over 6,000 pounds, the Sikorsky s-64 SkyCrane with a payload capacity of 20,000 pounds, the S-64 AirCrane with a capacity of 42,000 pounds, and the CH-47 Chinook with a carrying capacity of 50,000 pounds. With such a variety of helicopters available to us, we can ensure the right capabilities to complete your project efficiently and safely.

Benefits of Helicopter Lifts

In certain situations, utilizing a helicopter for heavy lifting and moving is the only option – for example, when salvaging an offshore shipwreck or working in other marine settings. Heavy lifting and moving might also require an air-crane in remote locations on land. Are you installing a 300-foot communications tower on a remote mountain top or other area that’s inaccessible by land-based vehicles? Even if there are roads and access in the area, land-cranes can be destructive to the environment and thus are sometimes prohibited by local or federal authorities. Finally, in the cities, helicopter lifting is often the only means available to transport roofing materials or air conditioning units to the tops of skyscrapers where traditional land-cranes cannot reach.

In scenarios where land-cranes are an option, helicopter cranes may still be the best choice. The most obvious reason why is because they are so much faster and more efficient than land cranes. They fly directly to the site. There’s no need to maneuver cumbersome machinery or heavy loads of construction materials and industrial waste through busy city streets and heavy traffic. Just hire us and we’ll fly a helicopter out to your site, attach the load, and transport it to where it needs to be.

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Take a Tour of New Haven

View New Haven from a Helicopter

New Haven Helicopter Charters - New Haven Helicopter Tours and Rides

Imagine touring the Yale campus from above, trying to pick out your old dorm or other favorite building, or hovering over New Haven Green, looking down at the historic rooftops and alleyways of the Chapel Street Historic District, or flying out over Long Island Sound and possibly seeing the skyline of New York City in the distance. Touring by helicopter provides a unique perspective – a bird’s eye view that’s truly remarkable – and an experience that will be remembered forever. If you’re looking for a unique gift for that hard-to-please person, a helicopter tour might be the answer! Taking a helicopter tour with the person you love is also a special way to celebrate meaningful life events such as a honeymoon or anniversary. New Haven offers a variety of set tours of varying lengths so you can choose the option that works best for you and your companions. One of the most popular times to fly is at sunset, when dramatic hues of pink and orange slice through the sky, but we offer tours at all times of day. Please call us for details about departure times and routes. Is there something in particular you want to include on your tour? If you ask us about it, we might be able to customize the tour for you.

Get the Perfect Aerial Shot

Aerial Filming and Photography Charters

New Haven Helicopter Charters - New Haven Aerial Filming and Photography

Flydar Helicopters New Haven has operated many flights for photographers, videographers and cinematographers who need to capture the perfect shot for movies, documentaries, commercials, or print marketing materials. Having an eye-catching aerial image in your advertisement will really make it stand out from the competition. And when it comes to marketing or surveying real estate, having a great aerial shot is not only helpful, but often required. Architects and event planners might also find their jobs easier when they have an aerial image to help them see the bigger picture.

Before we embark on an aerial filming and photography excursion, we’ll first have to understand your needs in order to determine the best route and time of day for flying. Do we approach from the east when the sun is rising, or is a night shot of the city what you’re looking for? Whatever it is, we can deliver as we are able to operate at any time of day or night, and depending on weight, temperature, and altitude, we may be able to perform a full stop hover. For photographic flights, we charge based on the time the engine is running, measured in increments of tenths of an hour. There is no minimum time required.

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Agricultural Helicopter Services

We Will Take Care of Your Crops

New Haven Helicopter Charters - New Haven Agricultural Helicopter Services

Farmers all over the country have been singing the praises of helicopters for decades. In the field of agriculture, helicopters can be used to disperse seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. In times of unexpected cold snaps, they can also be used to hover over a field to prevent frost from forming on delicate new growth.

Aerial application, which can be utilized for both dry and liquid dispersal, is superior to ground application for several reasons. For one, it can be accomplished even when the ground is wet. There’s no need to wait for dry soil to avoid potential crop damage caused by ground equipment. Another benefit to aerial spraying is that it’s a lot faster than ground dispersal. This is especially important when applying pesticide. Helicopter application is known to provide a high rate of coverage – up to 95%. This is substantially higher than the coverage provided by airplane application. In addition, helicopter application is extremely accurate. We use GPS technology to ensure precision. This is particularly important when applying fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides which should be kept away from creeks and streams to avoid environmental damage.

Land and Wildlife Surveys

Monitoring Local Wildlife, Efficiently

New Haven Helicopter Charters - New Haven Land and Wildlife Surveys

There’s no doubt about it, certain tasks are just easier to do with a helicopter. Land and animal surveys are two such cases. Landowners and managers who don’t have time to conduct spotlight counts or herd composition counts will find that helicopter surveys provide accurate results and can be performed quickly. Furthermore, helicopter surveys are more accurate than fixed wing (airplane) surveys because helicopters can fly much lower than airplanes. For example, deer surveys are typically conducted at a 50-foot elevation. All wildlife and land survey transects are guided by GPS coordination to ensure complete property coverage.

Conducting an aerial survey of land and wildlife will provide vital information about the vegetative condition of the property and animal harvesting potential. Data obtained by such surveys include variables such as the location of deer and predators, buck to doe ratios, and fawn production. Land surveys have been used to assist with energy surveys (which can be conducted over water or land), real estate development, construction projects, and insurance accident analysis, just to name a few.

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Heli-Logging Service

The Most Efficient Logging Method

New Haven Helicopter Charters - New Haven Heli-Logging Services

Standing stem harvesting is a relatively new way of harvesting timber that is easier on the environment than traditional logging methods. In traditional logging, trees are toppled and then dragged away, causing potential damage to neighboring trees as they fall and harming flora and fauna as they are dragged along the forest floor. Even worse, in many cases roads have to be built to give trucks and haulers access to the area. In standing stem harvesting, however, helicopters are utilized to extract pre-selected trees vertically – literally plucking them straight up out of the forest and carrying them away. An S-64 Skycrane can extract about 15,000 tons of timber in one day.

For this type of heli-logging to occur, a team of surveyors choose specific trees based on a number of factors such as size and wood-type demand. They then climb the tree, remove the top limbs and create a partial cut in the stem without completely severing it. Then, the helicopter hovers and clenches the tree with a horizontal grapple, and carries it away. Another advantage of standing stem harvesting is that it can be performed year round – even in cold climates where fallen snow precludes traditional timber harvesting from taking place. Snow cannot accumulate on standing stems.

Cargo and Freight Delivery

On Time, Every Time

New Haven Helicopter Charters - New Haven Cargo and Freight Delivery

Need to ship cars, replacement parts, or heavy construction materials? Well, you are in luck. At New Haven we are part of a network of global service providers which means we can transport your heavy cargo to almost anywhere on the planet. Give us a call to discuss your shipping requirements and you’ll be assigned a designated account manager who will work with our logistics tracking system to keep an eye on your cargo until it is safely unloaded at its final destination.

We know that time is money, and that’s why our freight service network is not limited to helicopter charters. It extends to airlines as well. This means we can get your cargo to its final destination as quickly as possible. Is your cargo oversized? We can help with that too. Our network coordinates with airlines that can handle excessive cargo. We can even make arrangements for transporting hazardous materials safely and will advise you on safety measures that need to be taken in accordance with domestic or international laws. In short, we will bend over backwards to make sure your cargo is handled with the utmost care and delivered to its final destination – no matter how distant or remote – in the most expeditious manner.

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Sporting Event Charters

Game Day Just Got Better

New Haven Helicopter Charters - New Haven Sporting Event Helicopter Charters

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a…helicopter! And it’s you getting out of it at the next Patriots game. Or the Yankees Stadium. Or the Motor Speedway. Your sports-loving friends will be green with envy (if you didn’t invite them to join you – that is).

Watching your favorite team live in action is a real treat for you, and we’d like to make it even more of a special occasion by flying you to the stadium, arena, racetrack or golf course in a private luxurious helicopter. No matter what your favorite game is – basketball, baseball, football or soccer, we can help you make a grand entrance. Just give us a call and let us know which game you have tickets for and we’ll arrange all the details. We’ll coordinate with the venue to get a permit and secure a landing spot, and sometimes we can even arrange a flyover! How exciting would that be?

Aerial Relief and Support

When Time is of the Essence

New Haven Helicopter Charters - Aerial Relief and Support in New Haven

Disaster can strike at any time, with or without warning. Hurricane Sandy was a wake up call for many of us New Englanders who never thought hurricanes could happen here. Now we know that they can. As can fires, earthquakes, tornadoes and floods from torrential rains. Although we hope such a catastrophe will never again occur, if it does, we’re ready to help.

At Flydar, our fleet is equipped with long lines, hooks, hoses and grapples and we carry a supply of lift pallets, skids, water buckets and other disaster relief necessities. Our lift capacity is up to 28,000 pounds, which means we can haul generators, bulldozers, or pumps to the disaster site or haul away wreckage. Relief efforts we have assisted with in the past include fire fighting, wreckage removal at sea and on land, disaster relief supply drops, transporting mobile hospitals to disaster sites and airlifting wounded people out of the danger zone.

Emergency Response and Support

For Rapid Response and Emergency Services

One of the advantages to booking your helicopter through Flydar Helicopters New Haven is that our agents are available to assist you via telephone from 8 am till midnight Eastern Time, 7 days a week. Our agents understand that plans change and the unexpected can occur. That’s why we’re able to accommodate you at short notice. We can potentially have your helicopter ready for you in as soon as two hours. So give us a call and let us help you.

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