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Drones are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why. Drones are used in a variety of industries—from entertainment to engineering and construction. Within these industries, drones are easily used for a variety of purposes such as filming and photography, conducting aerial geological surveys or inventory inspections, measuring thermal imaging, and assessing cell phone, television and radio coverage of an area. Drones can access areas where manned aircraft cannot go, making them ideal for accessing hard to reach and dangerous locations. At Flydar, we offer customized drone services to fulfill your needs. We also provide pilot instruction and classes on how to start your own drone business.

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Fort Lauderdale Drone Solutions

Drone Solutions

Using a drone is the most efficient, and often the cheapest, way to perform many tasks such as conducting long range surveys, aerial inspections and mapping. Drones can also be used for natural and man made disaster response, surveillance and infrastructure assessment. Whether you are an engineer, a law enforcement official, or a movie-maker, hiring a drone might be the best way to get the job done.

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Fort Lauderdale Drone Pilot Training

Drone Pilot Training

Learn to fly a drone with our pilot training. Taught by FAA licensed and certified flight instructors, the course includes over 16 hours of ground instruction, 10 hours of simulated flight time, and 16 hours of in-flight training. This course will prepare you for the FAA part 107 test which is required for anyone who wishes to use drones commercially. Advanced training is also available.

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Individualized UAV Services in Fort Lauderdale

Individualized UAV Services

The future of droning is bright, and now you can be part of it. Take part in our individualized UAV service and you’ll learn all you need to know about how to start your own drone-based business. Let the experts teach you the tricks of the trade–from setting price points and marketing your business, to camera set up, capturing your subject and film editing.

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At Flydar, we offer the very best and most comprehensive drone service in Southeast Florida. Our Pilot Training, which is administered by certified flight instructors, will get you certified and ready to pass the FAA Part 107 exam to fly commercially. Once you are certified, you might even be interested in starting your own drone-based business—and we’d love to help you with that as well. Our individualized services are all inclusive and will teach you everything you need to know about operating your own drone-based business. We’ll stick with you every step of the way. We can even help you market your services!

The times they are a-changin’! As more and more businesses use drones to get the job done, you don’t want to be left behind the curve. The time is now to get onboard and learn what all the fuss is about. Once you do, we’re sure you’ll be as excited about the future of droning as we are. Southeast Florida is the perfect place to get started on your droning endeavors!

The Sunshine State is perfect for Droning

The Fort Lauderdale/Miami metropolitan area is not only one of the hottest spots for vacationing and long walks along Pompano Beach, it’s also one of the hottest spots for drones. There are so many industries in the area that already employ our services even the FLPD! We’ve worked with citrus growers and land survey crews. For instance, drones were employed to inspect the roofing project on Miami Beach City Hall! We’ve conducted surveys for causeway construction and assisted with rescues in the wide open ocean. We’ve flown over the ocean to keep track of whale and dolphin populations. Even the Gators Gallows Guide Service employs drones to track alligators.

One neat thing about drones is that they can fly for up to 30 hours, snapping images day and night, in dangerous places where nobody dares to tread. Let’s say, you want an incredible photo off the top of Las Olas, but you are too scared to go all the way up the 42 floors of the building to the roof, a drone can snap a gorgeous image of Tarpon River without you even leaving the ground! Are you a Strikers fan? Did you know that drones are used during their training sessions?

If you live in the area and want to explore using a drone to complete your next task, give us a call to explore the possibility. And if you’re here temporarily—escaping the winter perhaps, or searching for a warm climate in which to put down new roots and call home–then look no further than Flydar’s training courses and individualized service to see the city like you never could have on a walking tour. Visit the Venice of America and truly experience the Florida heat with the hottest business in America!

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Drone and UAV Solutions in Fort Lauderdale

When it comes to your business, the sky’s the limit

Drones are perhaps the hottest technology nowadays. More and more of them are taking to the skies to perform tasks that were previously impossible or super-dangerous to perform in manned aircraft, because, let’s face it, no pilot in his right mind would want to get into the cockpit during a thunderstorm. A drone doesn’t mind, though.

Besides that, drones are much smaller and easier to fit into tiny places where larger aircraft can’t fit. That’s why more and more businesses are finding new ways to use drones. You’ve probably heard of Amazon’s Prime Air – a delivery by drone method which will use drones and parachutes to get packages to doorsteps in 30 minutes or less. Impossible you say? Well, not anymore.

And that’s not the only cool new use for drones. Another recent development is using drones for 3D Modeling and Photogrammetry. This is especially useful for developers because when deciding where to build, a two dimensional image doesn’t always suffice. Using drones is also a cost effective and safe way to perform Aerial Mapping or inventory surveys for the purpose of wildlife conservation or agriculture. Engineers use drones to inspect pipelines or underneath bridges to make sure they are safe. Law enforcement has used them to pursue suspects and find missing children. As you can see, the possibilities for using drones to complete certain tasks are nearly endless!

Since you are reading the site, maybe you’re wondering if a drone solution will work for you. The answer is, it probably can! Obviously drones are safer than airplanes or helicopters, and they are certainly more cost-effective. So, give us a call today to discuss your project, and we’ll find a drone solution to meet your needs.

Drones will boldly go where no one else can go!

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Drone Pilot Training in Fort Lauderdale

DGet certified in Drone Operation and explore new opportunities

Realize Your Dream of Becoming a Drone Pilot Today

There’s no doubt about it—the drone/UAV industry is booming! It seems like a new use for drones is being discovered almost every day. With such growth in the industry, new jobs are being created all the time. And now, with Flydar’s UAV Pilot Training courses, you can get in on the action. Our comprehensive drone pilot training courses are among the best being offered in the industry. Our FAA-certified flight instructors will teach you all you need to know about drone operations so that you can embark on a new career as a drone pilot.

Our generalized training course consists of three parts. First you will join our FAA-certified flight instructors for 16 or more hours of ground instruction. After that you will have 10 hours of simulated flight time. Finally, you will rejoin our flight instructors for 16 more hours of in-flight training. Once complete, you will receive a certificate and a practice test to prepare you for the FAA part 107 test which is the next step required for those who wish to fly drones commercially.

In addition to this generalized training, there are also advanced training courses available. Please contact our friendly and knowledgeable drone experts to discuss your flight training needs. We are happy to assist you and available seven days a week.

Expand Your Drone Services Offerings with Thermal/Infrared Ops

Infrared Thermography (IR) refers to the method and equipment used to detect heat patterns. Thermal drone technology is used for many purposes, including (but not limited to) commercial building and residential roof inspections, utilities inspections, and industrial inspections. Some of the ways IR is used in such inspections include: detecting leaks in HVAC and refrigeration systems and identifying hot spots in power transmission lines.

In addition to inspections, IR is utilized in firefighting, search and rescue, and law enforcement operations. Examples of how it is used in these fields include providing high resolution video streams to aid in finding lost persons and providing the ability to see through smoke to identify the source of structural fires. Certification in IR operations is useful for obtaining jobs with the Army Corps of Engineers or a government utility.

We offer a two-day entry level class which should equip you to pass the level 1 certification exam. If you are interested in pursuing further certifications, we also offer additional endorsements.

Become a Drone Pilot in Fort Lauderdale
Drone Pilots in Fort Lauderdale

Train your team in Moving Vehicle Operations

Having your drone operators use moving vehicles makes it easier for them to acquire and transfer data accumulated over long distances or during inclement weather. It’s also much safer and more comfortable for your personnel and more cost effective for you.

UAV Moving Vehichle Operations are used for the same purposes as other drone operations including reconnaissance and surveillance, inspections, assessments, mapping, surveying, search and rescue, etc. Our moving vehicle operations (MVO) training certification course is offered for teams of 2, 3, or 4 people. Our course will promote team building and is hands-on and scenario-based. Call our experts today to discuss possibilities for your team.

Prepare to Pass the FAA Part 107 Test

Flydar now offers a practice test designed to prepare you for the official FAA Part 107 certification. This certification is required to operate drones over National Airspace for purposes other than recreational or hobby, therefore you will need this certification if you want to be a commercial drone operator. The 3-phased course focuses on drones and airspace, drones and weather, and drone loading and performance and is designed to teach you all you need to know to pass the certification.

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UAV Individualized Services - Fort Lauderdale

UAV Individualized Services

Launch Your Very Own Drone Based Business With Support

The time has never been better for you to start your own business. First you should complete your pilot instruction and obtain your master drone pilot certification, which you can do through Flydar’s generalized UAV flight training program. (We also offer additional certifications and advanced classes to help you expand your capabilities so your business can offer even more services.)

The next step is to enroll in our individualized services which will help you get the ball rolling. This course is usually completed in less than two weeks’ time and includes the following: UAV/drone safety procedures, basic camera use and setup, advanced aerial cinematography techniques such as tips on how to optimally position the camera to capture your subject, instruction in video and image editing (with industry specific guidelines), how to export your images, and how to market and price your services.

What? Market and price my services? I just want to fly drones! We recognize that just because you’re interested in the drone industry doesn’t mean you’re an expert marketer. That’s why it’s good to be working with Flydar. We are equipped to form a partnership with you wherein we would take care of the marketing for you. That way you can sit back and run the parts of the business that you enjoy most while letting our experts in the marketing department take care of the rest.

Apply for the Flydar Affiliate Program Today

We know that you got into the drone business (or are in the process of getting into it) because you have an affinity for the industry and the services it can provide. Maybe you’re a fervent fan of innovative technology or mechanical flying things. When it comes to attracting customers, however, you might feel a little out of your element. That’s where we, here at Flydar, come in.

Now you can take advantage of our marketing services while you concentrate on all the fun stuff. We’ve been marketing services like this for years, primarily through websites and other incentives. We already have a large customer base and it is growing day by day. Your business can share in this if you sign up to become a Flydar affiliate.

It starts with you filling in a short form. Once we receive the form, a Flydar associate will contact you to discuss the next steps.

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Fort Lauderdale Drone Services and Pilot Training

Drones are saving lives

We’ve already mentioned how drones are being used for more and more purposes as the technology evolves, and one thing that really excites us, here at Flydar, is when we hear stories about how drones are being used in new ways that save lives. Just recently, we heard about a group of researchers in Sweden who have been testing the use of drones to save people who are experiencing cardiac arrest.

When one is having a heart attack, time makes all the difference between life and death. Therefore, if one is in a remote area when the heart attack occurs, there is little to no chance that they will receive treatment on time. The Swedish researchers decided to see if drones could be used to deliver easy-to-use automated external defibrillators (AED) to people experiencing cardiac arrest in remote rural areas. Their experiment was a great success! They found that drones could deliver these AEDs to the patient well before an ambulance arrived.

Between 2006 and 2014 the researchers tested the process 18 times. In each case, the drone was able to deliver the AED to the patient before the medical personnel arrived – beating the ambulance by an average of 16.5 minutes. The AED device is very simple to use (according to one researcher, a class of fourth graders learned to use it – and have used it – because one of their classmates has a congenital heart defect). Even more amazing is the fact that it took an average of three seconds for the UAV to launch after dispatch. The average delay between dispatch and launch for an ambulance, however, is 3 minutes.

As far as useful applications of drone technology, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Maybe you can make history by coming up with the next lifesaving innovation!

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When it comes to hiring a drone for your commercial, artistic, or industrial project, or learning to become a drone operator, there is no better organization to work with than Flydar. Since using drones to complete difficult or challenging tasks is still a relatively new phenomenon, you can’t just make it up as you go along. That’s why you need to deal with experts in the field. Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest innovations in the field, and they’re available to answer your questions 7 days a week.

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