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Expand Your Travel Agency Options

Expand your brand and services with the help of Flydar. For years, our network of travel charter service providers has been delivering private travel charter solutions to travel agencies all over the world. This was done to expand and improve the travel agency’s private travel options they made available to new and existing clients. Utilizing our partnerships we provide access for clients to everything from private jets for high-end clientele and transport to special events and large, multi-seat charters for air tours and common travel.

High-End Experiences at a Low-Cost

Flydar understands that the customer always comes first. For a travel company, it is important to make each and every potential passenger feel like first-class. We work with our travel agency affiliates to find the best price point for their customers and we will do the same for you, including flexible empty leg flights and premium in-flight concierge services on travel charters to suit every customer.

Flydar is a network of travel charter service providers who specialize in offering solutions to any and all air travel inquiries. Every year, we help thousands of businesses, agencies, private parties and more fulfill their airline needs and get to their destination with the luxury and price they deserve. Begin your relationship with Flydar by calling and tell us what you need.

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Take Advantage of New Flight Routes

With affiliates all over the world, opening a new route for your customers is simple and immediate. Our affiliates are comprised entirely of private travel airlines and travel charter providers so our services are guaranteed available upon request. New routes can be traveled in any style of aircraft available for both domestic and transcontinental destinations. With thousands of partnered pilots all over the globe, we are sure to be able to meet each and every one of your needs. Call today and speak with a representative about how Flydar can open new travel charter destinations for you.

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