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Heavy Lift Helicopter Services

Between buying a wide load permit and paying for gas, the traditional ground delivery methods are not as financially feasible as they once were. Due to this, any business project that requires massive cargo transportation can become expensive, very quickly. A great remedy for this pricey transportation issue is with helicopter lift services!

Our affiliate network of heavy lift helicopters are designed to withstand the heavy lifting required to help salvage sinking cargo, boats and even delivery trucks. No matter your cargo haul, location of the pick-up or crew space needed, our total access to helicopter lifting resources can cover it! These durable helicopters have been put to the test countless times. Thanks to these experiences, we can confidently say that these air crane services are available to come to the rescue at a moment’s notice to lend a hand!

Each pilot affiliated with Flydar is FAA certified and capable of flying a wide variety of helicopter flights, including external load operations. Their expertise may be properly utilized to carry heavy equipment directly from your staging area to the drop zone with fast precision. Another great advantage to using helicopter lift services: they can reach the isolated area your heavy cargo is stored at! Whether you are needing to use a Sikorsky Skycrane or a larger model, our reach in terms of finding you exactly which helicopter you need for the project is vast and all encompassing.

We are able to plan and schedule any project, regardless of whether it is local, nationwide or somewhere inbetween. Flydar will find the most efficient way to transport your cargo, with the goal of saving time and money firmly in mind. Turn to Our affiliate network of helicopter lift services for your next large project!

Heavy Lift Helicopters services Are Good For…

Your project will be handled by the best heavy lift operators in the industry some who have provided their services for difficult missions, ranging from forest fires to intricate utility operations and more. The pilots are FAA certified as passenger carriers, external load operators, and agricultural aircraft operations – there is no job too large, small or difficult.

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What Helicopter Lift Services Are You In Need Of?

Helicopter Lift Services - Construction


Business projects vary in size and require different accommodation. If you have a demanding construction project that requires a helping hand from above, use a heavy lift helicopter! Our business goal involves connecting each client to a qualified pilot whose experience matches the project’s requirements. Flydar’s partnering operators have handled a wide variety of general construction projects over the past 30 years and are ready to showcase their aeronautical skills!

Helicopter Lift Services - Powerline Inspection and Maintainace

Powerline Inspection and Maintenance

Maintaining connectivity throughout all of your facilities, warehouses and other infrastructure is vital for a business to thrive. Knowing this, you can properly prepare your business’ locations for emergency power failures and other maintenance concerns with versatile heavy lift helicopters! Throughout these air crane services, our partners will provide you with a way to place power lines, pipelines and railways with great precision.

Helicopter Lift Services

General Lifting and Aerial Delivery

If you are not familiar with the technical term Long Lines, the phrase refers to lines that range from 25’ to 200’ feet. These cables are coupled with the necessary straps, bags and nets needed to transport a plethora of freight sizes. Helicopter lift services can assist you in shipping these freight packages cross country and usually in a single load. No matter if your project requires heavy lifting of the small or large variety, Flydar’s affiliate network of expert pilots will ease the process of your business’ massive transportation needs from “How are we ever going to move this?” to “Done!”

Helicopter Building and HVAC Installation


On pre-existing buildings, air cranes provide a less dangerous way to install rooftop units. An aerial approach is also a good way to deliver and place heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units. Standard cranes have limited mobility and can be more difficult to maneuver than aircranes when installing heavy, bulky objects like the HVAC. With the help of a heavy lift helicopter, you will not only have the benefit of having the heavy lifting done for you, but also the ability to mitigate risk to other properties as well as your crew. Helicopters or infinitely more precise and safer than your typical ground crane. So sit back and watch our partners work.

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