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Travel with Speed and Style

Whether you’re planning a vacation with your family, a get-together with friends or are looking to network with business associates, a helicopter flight with the focus on entertainment puts the cherry on the cake. Our affiliate’s helicopters are ready to take to the sky at a few hours’ notice. Even the wildest, most spontaneous ideas can become realities with an Entertainment Helicopter Charter. Just hop on the heli and let the adventure begin while sitting in the lap of luxury. Wherever you want to, we can make the arrangement that gets you there!

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See Amazing Landscapes

The ultimate advantage of a helicopter flight is showcasing the world from angles you’ve never experienced before. Instead of the dull and bleak sights offered by the windows of a limo, you’ll be taken high into the sky to enjoy the landscape from a bird’s point of view. Flying above cities, farms and rolling fields, you’ll see the surroundings from a completely fresh perspective and have another thing to check off your bucket list.

The magnificent scenery on display during an entertainment helicopter charter is the perfect backdrop for memory making opportunities. Awe-inspiring sights of urban landscapes and the majesty of nature free the mind and provide you with a peaceful and easy feeling. That’s why these entertainment tours are perfect for spending quality time with loved ones, scoring some brownie points with clients or experiencing prominent cities and communities at night when the streets are alive and the city lights are electrifying. A helicopter flight can further add pizzazz to an event, and turns it into a night to remember!

Entertainment Helicopter Charter
Entertainment Helicopter Charter

Enjoy World Class Comfort and Luxury

While on board the entertainment helicopter charter, our partner’s flights crews strive to exceed your expectations. Your word is essentially their command! Affiliated pilots are prepared to allow you to take the lead when planning your travel itinerary. They’ll be happy to convey you anywhere you want to travel. Be it a remote cabin in the middle of the forest or the hottest night club downtown. This, in turn, makes these helicopter flights the perfect choice for a spontaneous adventure!

Arrive at destinations rapidly, make the most of your time there and leave whenever you feel like it. The flexibility offered by an entertainment charter makes for unparalleled convenience while having the time of your life. And as an added bonus, the flight crew will seek to accommodate any special requests to make your time on board perfectly tailored to suit your needs.

Turn your time off into something special. Travel quickly and easily, while enjoying the comfort of a private helicopter that is ready to take you anywhere

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